Build your Empress Box

Every month Empress Mimi sends you a box of lingerie, curated to your preferences. 

Step 1.

Choose between the 'House of Frillies', 'Queen', and 'Empress' plans. 

The Queen Box

The Queen Box delivers a set of matching lingerie combining fabulous designs with perfect fit & comfort, all beautifully packaged in a custom designed box. With our wire free bralette designs you can truly wave goodbye to the underwire and enjoy pieces that are as comfortable as they are sexy. Select your size and unwrap bodysuits, negligees, and matching sets of lingerie every month that are sure to set hearts racing πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

β™› The Empress Box β™›

Empress Mimi's 'Empress box' is the ULTIMATE lingerie subscription experience - for the truly spoiled ones among us✨. Sure, you could just get the panties. Of course, a matching set each month would be great. But it takes a true Empress to DEMAND marabou kimono's and jewellery and kinky whips on the monthly to educate your humble servants into submission. You really really do not need this. But that has never stopped you before now has it? 🌈The EMPRESS receives monthly gift boxes with matching sets of fabulous lingerie, accompanied by gorgeous accessories, jewelry, loungewear and kimonos - just because πŸŽ‰

If you have any questions about the boxes available, simply drop us a message info (at) and we can assist you with your purchase.