Welcome to the world of Empress Mimi

About Empress Mimi

A brand created by women for women, Empress Mimi Lingerie was established with the goal of turning the everyday into a decadent celebration, with designs that adorn the body, and monthly deliveries that mean that you can cross underwear shopping off your to do list.  

The founder, Galyna Nitsetska, struggled for years to find lingerie which is as flattering as it is comfortable, and that uses luxurious materials without breaking the bank. After all, lingerie is not just something that you wear in the bedroom for someone else, it is the very first item you put on, setting the tone for the rest of the day. 

Empress Mimi was created to allow every woman to feel like an Empress every single day and to re-ignite the passion by looking after n°1. Whether it’s to seduce yourself or your partner, Empress Mimi has created accessibly decadent lingerie that gets delivered straight to your door once a month and appeals to both your seductress and strong independent side. Think fabulous underwear, perfect fit, no hassle.


About the Founder

 A life long devotion to the extraordinary, an obsessive pursuit of the beautiful, and the celebration of femininity are the core beliefs that compelled Galyna to create the Empress Mimi brand. 

Born to a Russian mother of aristocratic descent and a businessman father, Galyna was educated in the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, going on to a lucrative career in Banking after completing her studies at UCL. 

But a dissatisfaction with the status-quo compelled her to hang up her Louboutins and live the Ramen Noodle life in order to start Empress Mimi Lingerie from her kitchen table just 3 days before turning 25.

Frustrated with both the quality and the imagery provided by other lingerie brands, which seem to feature exclusively underweight supermodels with Barbie doll proportions, she decided to build a company dedicated to making every woman feel like an Empress.

When not designing lingerie and fabulous accessories,  she is passionate about the Arts, empowering women, supporting #GirlBosses and toppling the patriarchy.


About the Product

Coming from a non-traditional design background, we have re-imagined the lingerie experience from the point of view of an empowered modern woman. 

First up was comfort: working long hours demands lingerie that is not so constricting that you feel the need to take it off the moment you step through your front door. This is why we have eliminated those hard and painful wires and decided to use high performance materials and decadent silks for support and comfort instead. Knowing that a woman's size fluctuates throughout the year, we created designs that maintain a perfect fit and can be adjusted according to need. 

Next up was convenience: tired of constantly out-dated underwear drawers and lacking the time to try on dozens of bras on the regular, we created a subscription service that would replenish your worn out undies with the latest styles on a monthly basis so that you always have something fabulous to wear underneath. 

Finally, even for a highly paid professional, most quality lingerie is too expensive to buy regularly and the risk of one wrong washing cycle at those price points is just too great to bear. So we decided to save on those prestigious flagship stores, and to forego hiring Gigi and Kendall, passing the savings on to our customers so that you don't have to worry about breaking it when things get too frisky.  

As modern women ourselves, we know that commitment is not necessarily something we're looking for. That's why you can cancel your subscription at any time and plans start from just one month.  Try it for yourself and discover what it is like to have an underwear drawer fit for an Empress.